Transform your Android device into an enchanted light painting photography brush

SpriteBrush is a no-cost, ad-free, open source Android app available in the Google Play store.

Light is the Essence of Photography

SpriteBrush transforms your smartphone or tablet into an enchanted light painting brush.

Light painting is the art of illustration with long-exposure photography and a handheld light source. SpriteBrush adds incredible effects to your light painting photographs.

What You'll Need

  • The SpriteBrush app for Android
  • A camera with long-exposure capabilities. A digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera set to "bulb" is ideal
  • A tripod or steady brace for your camera
  • A dim or dark room, or suitably dark outdoor space

Your First Light Painting

Choose a SpriteBrush brush style, open the camera shutter, paint your image, then close the camera's shutter. Your camera's shutter may be open from a just few seconds to several minutes, depending on your composition.

Never shoot in a space with obstacles, drops, or tripping hazards. Practice your technique in a well-lit space before shooting.

SpriteBrush Brushes


The essential light brush tool: Colors, stripes, and gradients that are framed in geometric shapes.


Form unique patterns and and textures with an animated brush.


Decorate your light painting with ornamental illustrations. Stencils are high contrast line drawings that appear as recognizable images in your long exposure light painting photo.


  • Set your smartphone or tablet's brightness setting to manual. Adjust the device's brightness if necessary.
  • Disable your smartphone or tablet's sleep feature.
  • Have an assistant operate the camera's shutter, or use a remote shutter release trigger.
  • Switch off auto focus on your camera.
  • Tweak your camera's ISO and aperture if your photos are overexposed or underexposed.