The light paintings in this gallery are created with a machine built from pendulums, pulleys, and a smartphone screen with the SpriteBrush app as a light source. A long exposure camera captured these delightful sculptural forms.

Spinner brush, ocean cycle

Spinner brush, retro cycle

Spinner brush, citrus cycle

Bar brush, urban stripes

Spinner brush, citrus stripes

Spinner brush, red, white, blue stripes

Spinner brush, forest cycle

Line brush, citrus cycle

Spinner brush, spring cycle

Bar brush, citrus stripes

Bar brush, spectrum stripes

Spinner brush, summer stripes

8-bit brush, ocean stripes

Spinner brush, spectrum cycle

Spinner brush, spring cycle

Bar brush, spectrum cycle

Line brush, summer cycle

A dual camera rig recorded these SpriteBrush light paintings in stereo (3D). A collection of stereo prints were exhibited at the 3D-Con 3D Space art gallery in August 2017.